4 new things planned for visitors to the Taj Mahal


TajMahalVisiting the Taj Mahal once is on every traveller’s bucket list, after all its the world’s greatest monument of love. Such is the popularity of the Taj Mahal, that it tops the list of both domestic and foreign visitors. And according to Trip Advisor, it the world’s third most visited monument after Ankor Vat and Manchu Pichu. Here are 4 new things visitors to the Taj need to know:

  1. The ASI is planning to restrict the view hours with a break in the afternoon between 1 and 4 pm. Right now the monument is open from dawn to dusk, as is with all ASI monuments.
  2. There was a love by ASI to scrap the shoe covers given to Indian visitors who aid INR 40 as entrance fee, as they found many visitors throwing the shoe covers in the gardens and not in the garbage bins. However, the move has since been scrapped and Indian visitors paying INR 40 will get the shoe covers to visit the mausoleum inside the Taj. Foreign visitors, who pay INR 1000 per entry get shoe cover snap d a bottle mineral water along with the entrance ticket.
  3. The Taj will have tourist facilitators soon, who will help tourist visiting the Taj. They will  help in keeping 500 meter raids around the Taj clean and keep touts and vendors who harass tourists at bay. This 500 meter raids will also be declared as poly bag free.
  4. Agra will have its own food gully near the Taj soon. The Toruism Ministry is planning a paved zone with stalls that will sell food from different parts of India and tourists can enjoy a taste of different kinds of snacks and other eatables on the lines of Dilli Haat



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